New Site design

The goal of the ISC is to bring our members together to share Experiences, and improve the value of our aircraft.

We have had data spread all over the internet including Yahoo and Facebook. We have had members that will not use Facebook or are leaving facebook and moving to platforms like MeWe or Parlar. This action further fractures our membership and hurts our main goal.

Today I’m so happy to say that the ISC leadership has approved investments into our site to change it from a static “warehouse” of data and authorize its change to an engaging and social site.

Through the use of Groups, Connections, Messaging, as well as sharing documents and photos, you will see the site is now a great replacement for other forms of social media, without any of the risks. The ISC owns the software and server space so our data is protected here.

Please look around and explore, and I hope you will see the value this site now provides and hope you use it daily!

Will Ware (Webmaster ISC)

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