Hercules Prop certification update

Hi Randy and Will,
I’m very sorry for being slow getting back to you.  I’m not keeping up with the workload at the moment and there is only so much I can hand over.
The Certification plan is making good progress.  I know you have heard that before but I have attached the certification plan.  A few months ago we employed a new guy to look after all of our certification work because I am not even close to keeping up with it all these days and I must admit it is not my strong point.  I’m more of a designer and manufacturer.
Our new guy Mike has recently retired from Dowty propellers in the UK where he was the chief engineer. Dowty the company who manufacture the Lockheed C130 props.  Mike has enormous technical and certification knowledge specific to propellers and can write this stuff with relative ease.  He has been putting a lot of his energy into certification work for our overhaul department recently but the type cert for the FAA has reached the top of his pile.  I had most of it written and sent to the UK CAA but he didn’t like my work and preferred to start again doing things his way!
It’s work in progress but I ave attached our certification plan.  We are keeping it simple and aiming to approve just the 150 and 165 hp Stinson 108 and 65 and 90 hp Cub.  As you can see it’s a lot of work.
The FAA require 50 hours of test flying.  We can have evidence of this with Cubs in the UK, no problem but we have no experience with the 108 in the UK.  We are going to say that the Stinson propellers have a very similar design to the Cub and see if that works.  Otherwise we may ned to get a test permit but we want to see if we can avoid all of that.  I know some people in the US have 50 hours of flying with a Hercules propeller on a 108 but I doubt if they want to admit it to the FAA.
These are the next steps from Mike.  The other two names are ur UK CAA guys.  
Just need you to give me the info for the yellow highlighted section, and for you to have a read through. Once we have this, I suggest we get back to Alan Carter and John Davies and tell them that we intend to proceed with the initial certification of a limited set of types, and that this is our proposed certification plan. We need to know when they want us to submit the application paperwork, presumably they want that up front. Once we have the plan agreed, we can produce the compliance reports, certification matrix, and submit it for certification. Best to do it this way round because we get agreement as to what we are going to do before we do it.  Hopefully, this report number hasn’t already been used by anyone else. Luke can confirm, I am sure.  Mike

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