Buying a Stinson

So you want to buy a Stinson. Well the Stinson is a GREAT value aircraft.

Here is some general information about the Stinson 108.

Below are a few videos we have compiled to help you learn more about the Stinson 108 with the goal of encouraging you to do so!

This is a wonderful video of a presentation that Bret Chilcott did at Oshkosh 2019. The presentation highlights the value of the Stinson 108 and explains some of the differences and myths about the aircraft.

Pre-Buy Inspection Documents.
We had developed detailed documentS so any A&P can assist you with a through inspection of a Stinson aircraft. The first document is for the Large Radial engine Stinsons. And the second is for the 108 series Stinsons. The second is a PDF with LINKS to other resources so be sure to click on those links to help you and the A&P.

This is a nice video of a wonderfully restored 108 and the owner explains in detail all about his aircraft.

This is a list of Stinson knowledgable people that can help you with the Prebuy of a Stinson.