I found this site selling window tint for aircraft, however it’s NOT you dads old car window tint. This has been made for aircraft windows specifically! Before you had to buy dark windows, but now you can convert your existing windows!


Note, this Stinson does NOT have this specific product installed, but it is a good example of how good a Stinson looks with dark windows!

I asked the owner “Why is this different than automobile tint? Below is his detailed answer.

“Hey will ,Thanks for the message !I have owned a window tint shop in Annapolis maryland for 10 years , I specialized in automotive commercial and residential tinting.
When I got a airplane I started looking into why no one tinted the windows and quickly realized how hard it was to tint them. Regulations holding back from any type of permanent attachment, no standard film can be put on plastic windows , the permanent adhesive won’t allow you to remove the tint , and the big one , all window films have solar absorbance , and what that means is when the sunlight hit the film it wants to squeeze to hold solar energy, it can’t handle that on plastics and will splinter and even destroy your windows.
Trust me I would have saved myself years of headaches if I could have just put standard film on my airplane ! So we started building plane tint.
First product was our universal kits. Multi layer of flexible plastics with micro suxtioncups around the edges. Then the custom window inserts. I build all my own materials , maximum protection and performance but a quick and easy remove and install process.
While doing this I found all my customers wanted a long term , put it in and never touch it again on the back windows of the plane . So I developed a window film , based off of paint protection film ( install it on the front of your car to protect from rock Chips and UV damage ) They were able to put it on plastics and pull it off years down the road with no damage to provide a car a like new look.
So we came out with plane tint film.
It has been a long road but all of the products have become such a cool thing for the aviation market and I’m extremely proud of what I have built.
Any other questions I would love to answer for you and hope to work with you one day.Thanks again ! Alan