Added Newsletters to the Site!

I just added all the news letters all the way back to 1977! Look under the Main Menu>Club Details>Newsletters.

As a security measure, you may be asked to drag a white cloud into a specific space, but it will make sense when you see it.

You will see a folder structure of each year, click into a folder and you will see a month and year of each newsletter.

you can view on the site, click the arrows for full screen and you can download each if you wish.


New Webmaster

In 2005, I volunteered to handle webmaster duties for the International Stinson Club. in January 2006, the Stinson Club forum was launched and has been maintained for original members, and later for non-members.

For various reasons, I and the Board of Directors of the Stinson Club want to welcome Will Ware as the new webmaster of the International Stinson Club. You have seen him posting here, working on getting his Stinson back into flying shape. He has great ideas on what can be done, and I will be working with him to provide a smooth transition.

Please welcome him,
Brian Moffet (now former webmaster, International Stinson Club)