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Reno Air Races 2021

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I stopped by to say hello today but you weren’t around. Plane looks beautiful!

Hi Earl, just 10 years ago we where very lucky to survive that crash of the P-51. I hope to see you soon!! All the best greetings to Karen.😜

Be at Airplane all day tomorrow

I to Hope to see you soon Karen Says Hello

So blessed to own and fly this bird! Went up for a flight with a photographer to get some marketing pics. Here’s a sample of what we got. More to follow.

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Fabulous machine!

Blessed is a great description

Your so Lucky Wish I had one,,,,,,OH Wait ,,,I do YES SO Blessed we are

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Kyle Bushman ?

I feel for you! Same thing happened to me. Who doesn't tie down someones airplane when they park it on the ramp?!

Geeeeeez…. So sorry to hear this Chris.

Dammit that breaks my heart. was this the Stinson that used to live at Benton airport in PA?

Dammit! That really sucks. Rudders are getting hard to find, too. Good luck sir.

John Otten

Who ever pulled it out and not properly secured it is responsible for damages.

I sent this info to some pilot friends in Denver. I’ll let you know what I hear back.

So sorry to hear

Billy Hugh Carter

Jack Reynolds may have some parts

Give Heath Lawson a call. He's pretty good out of Afton, WY. Lawson Aero, LLC Airport Lane, Hanger 4 Afton, WY 83110 307-885-5236

Here's another mechanic out of Pineville, WY John Douglas, John’s number, 307-413-7888. Good luck.

David Aaron

Chris McAtee?????

Sorry that happened Call me if you need parts. Earl Allen. 530 368 2064.

Chris MacGlover, I am so sorry to hear this. Don’t let them total it. Hopefully you have it insured for a good value as their carrier will probably try to weasel out of fixing it if you have it underinsured. Hoping it all works out for you.

I will bet the fuselage is good, obviously a new rudder and possibly a new vert stab. These are tough airplanes! Insurance should get you all new parts from Univair

Very sorry about what happened to the ole girl hope everything works out well for you

Greg Lucas

Repairable, I would do structural inspection at the tail skid attach fittings. Probably new rudder.

I have the parts

Wow, that has to be frustrating! Sorry to hear about that!

I can't see you having a damaged fues. I rebuilt and worked on a couple. They are rough tough airframes

I have a factory new vertical stab still in shipping box from Stinson factory in perfect condition, if you need one

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Lycoming o-435 IRAN almost complete. Between this engine and some cylinder we have in work, I think I’ll pass on any more 435 engine work. More difficult to find parts for than a Franklin ever was.Image attachment

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Well that’s not cool, I might need mine done one day!!!

I have a ton of 0-435 parts in the loft, a whole engine disassembled, exhaust stacks, old jugs, etc…. If anybody who reads this is near Compton airport and wants them come and get it!

Sorry to hear that

Attend the Stinson Summit Sept 24-26 in Beaumont, KS.  
Learn from experts to help you and your aircraft mechanic properly maintain your airplane.
Please RSVP at WWW.StinsonSummit.info

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Will you post videos of the various speeches and discussions?

For those of us late to the game, any suggestions on lodging? Looks like the hotel is booked up.

Is there camping at the field? Will be attempting the trip if I can get the time off from work!

If anyone has a pair of passenger rudder pedals for my Stinson 10A. I cannot locate the pedals that came with the project. Thanks, Dave RAmsey 334-301-3330 dave@hattonbrown.com

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