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Thought I would try this.  I have a Piper PA17 Vagabond for sale so that I can purchase a Stinson 108-1,2 or3.  If any current Stinson owners need to get into the sport pilot license/ light sport category for medical reasons the Vagabond is a great little certified taildragger.
If i could possibly trade for the Stinson and add cash for the value, it could be a convenient way to do it. Let me know.
Airplane is located near Boise Idaho.
Engine: A65-8
Mods: left side door install, cleveland double puck brakes.
TTEng/AF : 870hrs.
Admin, please delete if this is not appropriate.

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What engine? Any modifications?

Engine is A65-8. Only mod from original is the left side door installation and Cleveland brakes

Nice plane. Smart mod adding the pilot side door.

Looks like a Big Sky!

Price? $$$?

Thought you were buying a Tripacer?

What is price I have 108 stinson project and cash.needs one wing recovered.

Finally got checked out yesterday in the latest addition to the toy box - ‘47 108-2, 165hp.

N8001K...now known as Marge.

Friendliest taildragger I’ve flown so far!

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Looks sharp!

Looks great!

Pretty in red. Great family Memories . Thanks.

Nice. Red like our Dash-One! They really are nice-flying airplanes.


She is PURTY!

Dan I looked at it last time I was in town and it is beautiful!

Something about a red plane ❤️

I am only 23 airframes younger than you with N8024K.

Great looking Stinson

Nice. Looks like ours.

Sweet color, love it.

Looks amazing!!

Beautiful bird....

Ooh that’s pretty red!

Really like it! Bet it flies as good as she looks!

Beautiful !! Love it that you gave her a name!

Look she marked her spot.

Looks great 👍

Nice looking Stinson.

Absolutely classic art

You ever need any parts ,tools etc for your Franklin I can help. susan@franklinparts.com

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I put together this Stinson graphic and made it available on shirts and hoodies. Ive also got a -3 image, both with and without logos.  If this is inappropriate for the group, please delete with my apologies. Thanks

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I like to place an order

I sent a message to you on the redbubble site with a question a while back about colors. It only shows black on white, but I'd love to get a light blue shirt with white stencil to match my airplane.

Think it will look sharing on a t- shirt . I would like two in long sleeves.

Jim Eyster can you modify the tail number? Also, Could you put the tail number across the back?

Any suggestions for the best place to get Bendix mags rebuilt? On both of my mags, the nut somehow worked loose on the gear so much so that the gears could be turned with out spinning the mag. The play in the gears ended up tearing up both mag shafts. The cotter pins were the only things keeping the gears on and one cotter pin had actually broken and was about to come out.Image attachment

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Aircraft Magneto Service in Montana talk,to Don

i have one mag and 2 starters ifanyone needs them

Get them from the factory overhaul

Aero Accessories FAA Repair Station # XB2R286L (818) 785-2821 (818) 787-0743 (Fax) aero-acc@sbcglobal.net 16152 Valerio St Van Nuys, Ca 91406

Nut didn’t move with the cotter pin in, the rubber drive cushion shrank over time from heat probably wasn’t torqued down tight enough to start....

Aircraft Magneto Service, they will treat you right

Does anybody know the torque spec on these and the generator? I had a similar problem with the generator.

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