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Just made it home from Beaumont. 2200nm, 22.7 hours, 212 gals of fuel, 3 qts oil and 2 unplanned overnight stops for weather. 

A special thanks to Jody Jones and his better half Nena Jones, Bret Chilcott, Nick Moore and all the new friends I made. Stinson folks are the best!

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Glad you made it back! So nice to meet you all. I look forward to next year!

Great meeting you and thanks again for helping Randy Phillips

It was great to meet you too, Mike. I’m glad you finally made it home. Hope your work schedule isn’t too jacked up!

It was very nice to meet you . I am glad you made it home safely.

Thanks for making the effort to attend. Great to meet you!

What a run!

I’m sure it was worth every minute!


Good to meet you.

Glad you made it back with no major issues. Hope to run in to you again soon. Enjoyed visiting with you and sharing a meal Thursday night.

Stinson family and friends rock

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Having fun with paint schemes for the NextGen 108. Notice the artistic S on the tail for Stinson.Image attachment

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I like the lower one

Both look cool! Any other changes to the airframe/power plant to make it next gen?

Only s on one side....lol looks cool tho. Not a super big fan of the oratex. I've seen a few. It just looks unfinished. I like more color then what they offer. And if you paint it then why use it. But I may be wrong. Had a hard time getting response to.

I like the lower one

I like the lower one better, it doesn’t look like a Christian Eagle type design.

Lower one is better and the top one the s is backwards

Wow! These are GREAT!


Original always looks the best!

For what you’re going for Will, the bottom I think is closer. I’ll fly either though 🙂

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Anyone know what this 18” scat tube was originally intended for? It was cooked up behind the right front quarter panel and plugged with a cord. Yes a cork. Looks like it comes from the fresh air inlet.

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Must have been a female pilot who put that up her dress for fresh air or a dude wearing shorts

If it’s useless... take it out! Keep things neat is what I preach...

Perhaps it was intended to be used to cool some long ago removed tube type electronics. In any case it’s not something that needs to be in your Stinson.

That is a Piper floor air vent. Looks like someone did a modification

Probably to cool old school avionics, I had something similar in my straight 108.

I think you and I are thinking airflow in opposite directions. It is my assumption that the End of the hose that had the cork in it, was the INLET for air and the air gassed out through the Lever and Valve at the floorboard. I think its a Piper air vent that someone added to your aircraft.

Some kind of homemade air vent to back seats?

Radio cooling vent

I was just in both side panels of my -3 and saw nothing of the kind. Check the parts manual (available from Univair) to see what it shows. I'll bet you won't find it.

I expect someone created a blast tube for radio cooling.

I just made a change so anyone with the app can add Flyin info. If you know of a local Flyin, please add it in the app, just hit the "+" at the top right and fill out the info

I know a few of you lost sleep on my behalf wondering what this 1" scat tube went to. MYSTERY SOLVED! In replacing the glare shield material, I peaked down behind the panel and saw this! A perforated tube running alongside the NAV/COM and ADF. Not sure why it was unhooked but at least now we all know and can get some shuteye. 😉

Ball cooler is more creative lol

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