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I have that panel minus the lower center guage

You can buy that overlay new from Univair still

My blue color straight 108 from June 1946 dash

My sons black color panel from 108-1 in December 1946

but then someone comes and hacks it all up with glass

Looks like mine

Wonderful pics!

This is about as original as it gets… even has the functional Sperry F3 attitude gyro.

Hi Clint Is you a/c n number 949 the one Butch Walsh restored.?

When you find the panel parts, I think I still have a couple of the Stinson emblems for the panel. I made a batch of re-pops a few years back. They were not exact, but as close as I could get from a photo.

Close… sitting in my garage

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4 hours ago

I stumbled upon some Hercules Prop info and thought I'd share:

I had a conversation with a rep at the Richmond FSDO last week. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to one in person, so I took full advantage asking all the questions I could think of. One of my questions led the rep to tell a story about how he just certified a "prop from the UK on a Citabria". I asked if it was the Hercules prop and he confirmed. After telling him about how the Stinson community is having issues getting these certified, he explained a bit: The Citabria TCDS verbiage for props is similar to ours, which basically says any certified wood prop is allowed, given it is of the proper length and has a pitch that yields the correct static RPM.

Due to that verbiage, and what CAR 3 says: 3.416 Propellers. (a) Propellers installed in certificated airplanes shall be of a type which has been certificated in accordance with the provisions of Part 14 of this chapter. (b) The maximum engine power and propeller shaft rotational speed permissible for use in the particular airplane involved shall not exceed the corresponding limits for which the propeller has been certificated.

The attached file is Part 14. 14.10 seems to be the most applicable to me.

Lastly, the rep referenced the bilateral agreement we have with the UK. Here's the link: https://faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/…
In this PDF, 2.2.3 references the use of CAA approved propellers.

So as far as I can tell, our TCDS is not confining us, CAR 3 not confining us, and there is a bilateral agreement saying any prop certified in the UK is good enough for the FAA. In addition to all that there is a rep at the Richmond FSDO that is on board with all of this and signed off on the Hercules prop for another plane.

Hopefully this helps someone!
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Excellent work. Thank you for providing references.

I’ve been neck deep in this for a couple years. As I understand it, the Hercules prop is not certified, which is where the main problem lies. However, The tcds states “any wooden prop that meets the rpm requirements…” That would appear to be our “in”

1 day ago

Looking for a McCauley 1A170 76" 53 prop. Anybody have one they are willing to sell? ... See MoreSee Less

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I have as 76/52 I don’t need

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Anual, waiting for parts, whether. What was the cause?

Always good news

1 day ago

Lycoming O-360 108 owners, what is your rate of climb? Only LY O-360 please. So to be more specific. somewhere around 1850 pounds and standard atmosphere. ... See MoreSee Less

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Depends on temperature, wind and weight Not uncommon for 1500 fpm

I was talking with a guy yesterday that has LY O-360 conversation says it climbs like a homesick angel. I’m just finishing up a deal on-3 with a iO-360 LY 200hp and hopefully let you know here in the coming weeks once I get it home.

Ours will easily exceed 1,000fpm from October to April in Michigan, seems like temperature is a bigger factor than weight.

*IO-360* At that weight and standard atmosphere I’ll see 1600-1800fpm. Mine climbs better at 90 IAS than at 80.

My field elevation is 2000' MSL. At standard temp, I'll get 1500fpm at 70-75mph, but settle into a legit climbout at 1200fpm at 80mph. I have a Hartzell CS prop and VGs.

I have had all the super Stinson versions. The O-360 is an awesome performer. Probably the best conversion. The only one that performs better is the 220 Franklin.

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