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Hi Folks
In doing prebuy research on a plane I hope to buy, I discovered some paperwork issues.  I am hoping the seller can secure field approvals for the dual piston Cleveland wheels and brakes (I think they are from a Cessna 180 p/n 030-05200?) and Kollsman heated pitot.  I have checked the tech resources on the International Stinson Club site and have not found copies of Field Approval data for these and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction so I can help the seller get this done.

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There is a Stinson service letter for the pitot which addresses pitot heat. I believe Cleavland brakes (see your eqipment list) were options and are widely accepted by everyone.

Pretty minor stuff when buying a 75 year old machine….if thats all you got, and this is a nice aircraft ….you’re in great shape!

I have seen reference to a Service Letter Drawing number 108-8931001 for “Installation Electrically Heating Pitot Tube” but have not found a copy of it yet. The plane is a late S/N 108-3 and could very well come from the factory with Cleveland’s but I think these are a different model (dual-piston). Maybe it has passed annuals because they were assumed to be original. I am just hoping to avoid future problems getting annuals signed off.

There is a Univair wheel and brake conversion for the Stinson’s… Some info here in the owners group page… stinsonowners.org/forum/general-talk-about-anything-forum/univair-disc-brake-conversion-for-my-10...

Hope to see you at OSH and the Stinson Summit!

Maybe just be happy that you get good brakes !!

I’m an A&P, IA, Mechanical engineer. If it’s installed per AC 43.13 guidelines, no one cares. Could easily be argued as a safety improvement. Just like updating to LED bulbs. There is no legitimate argument to be made against. Just my opinion.

I upgraded via 337 to the ABI-199-62A kit. Let me know if I can help any further.

Yeah I would not buy that plane with all that crap wrong , could you send me the owners number please

2 months ago

Good morning, I am looking to purchase a Stinson in Green Bay WI. The bird has a Frank 165. Only 200 SMOH but that was done 20 years ago. Does anyone know of a reputable Stinson guy/gal in the area to do a pre buy? Thanks. As a side note, I’m running up against buyers that are willing to buy these planes sight unseen. I don’t think this is such a great idea for any airplane let alone a plane with a Frank. Am I right to believe this? The market is insane for some reason right now. I have lost out a few times in the last couple months to buyers who hand over cash without an inspection. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Stinson brand has gained some notoriety over the last few years & people are starting to see the value of the planes in a market where a Cessna 150 and similar aircraft are going for unheard of prices. Plus, the Franklin is better supported now than at any time in quite a few years. Keep on the hunt, you’ll find one & be glad you did!

It’s there money buy not many companies that overhauled Franklin engines did a good job

Ahhhh. Did you place an offer and deposit already? I reached out to that guy and he put me in a holding pattern since he already had offers.

Put a deposit on the bird based on pre buy inspection. No body would object to that if they have nothing to hide.

Saw that one posted. Looks like a nice plane. I spoke with another guy in Green Bay selling a Stinson a couple weeks ago. He had three Stinsons and was selling two You could probably reach out to him and ask for which mechanic he goes to. His last listing online is STINSON 108-1 www.trade-a-plane.com/search?s-type=aircraft&listing_id=2393016

I wish you good luck, but you’re right, don’t buy any airplane without a good pre-buy and that has nothing to do with the type of engine. If the engine was well broken in and put in storage with inhibiting/anti-rust oil, I personally would have no apprehensive feeling against the engine. You should concentrate on certain structural areas such as tail and inner wings. As regard the pricing, I praise the seller to only accept real value for his aircraft which has been way underpriced for too long. It’s time we all Stinson owners stand up for our precious assets. You will only appreciate when you become one. Good luck

A fool and his money...

Check out ISC website, we have a list of guys that do pre-buys and a checklist. stinsonowners.org/

What's caused the price of a 108 to increase so much? 3 years ago many under 20k and not any priced over 30k.

We lost 4 airplanes that way. I have no idea what the buyers were thinking.

Don’t be afraid to walk away. Find the best one. Any engine that has an average of 10 hrs a year is likely to have issues. Pre-buy with a borescope of the cylinders and open the top inspection panel. Aviation is expensive, no sense getting your gut in a bind when a good inspection can find the issues before purchase.

"Lost 4 airplanes" ....Well yeah. And then that provokes the further question, do the buyers actually even know something about the Frank? (apart from getting a pre-purchase insp.) Like, what to watch out for? And then jump in and try and fly away. "Leaking intake seals, appropriate use of carb heat and RPM range, even that the smaller 14mm spark plugs can get spit out, etc, etc. etc." I'm sure some do but others probably assume they can run it like a Lyc. and drive it like an average Cessna or Piper. It's kinda like were in another rash of people with more money than brains. Fortunately, not everybody.

I bought mine with about 600 SMOH. The OH was done in 1972! I now have a Lycoming and am about $40k lighter. Still love the airplane!

Sound Wisdom. It's not simply an engine. But corrosion is a issue as well.

It’s foolish to buy an aircraft without a prebuy, Jacks plane being the exception, a lot of dealers tell you about offers to get you to rush into a sale, it’s best to just walk away.

There is a reason why Lycoming and Continental have recommended TBO’s based on hours and YEARS since overhaul. Not many engines sit around for years like that and then fire up and run perfectly for years to come. Most start making metal or losing compression prematurely.

I’ll just say, fundamentally, paying less than $30k for a machine that allows you to defy gravity seems disrespectful. 😁

You can try Ted at Biplane Rides of America he is based in Brodhead Wi.

Sent you a PM

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p.f.a. WANTED. interested in buying a Stinson. preferably canadian owned to minimize transfer fees . but if the price is right ill entertain an american owned one.. if anyones sees any for sale please let me know. 👍🏻 thanks everyone.
7 days ago

I’m in need of an oil filler cap for the 108-1 with 150 Franklin. Anyone have one to spare or know where to get one?

Edit: The one I got from Univair doesn’t fit at all. I ordered another from Susan but it hasn’t come in yet. If anyone can spare one I’d take you up on it. I’m wondering if the 165 hp models are different than the 150 hp I need?
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I think I have one.

Airworx or Susan Susan A. Prall might have them. Chris Collum replaced mine for me at overhaul.

I just ordered one from Susan. Thanks all!

Saw this for a Stinson ferry Pilot on Barnstormers

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I wouldn’t let someone who only charged $150/day to fly my plane.

13 year old with sim time!

2 hour flight day is $75/hr. Maybe he’s on to something.

Does he move planes by truck or trailer?

He literally just messaged me. He just got his commercial license.

Good spot guys! Just passed my commercial and own a 108-3. Everyone online likes to say they charge $500/ day but the few ferry pilots I've met at the airport I work at say they charge around $150 per day. Since those are the guys I've seen actually doing the job, I figured I'd go with that number. If someone wants to pay me more be my guest! Any amount of income beats me paying for my flight time.

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