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Finally found ethanol free fuel!
How many of you are running  it?

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I use it almost exclusively. I very concerned that our Governor is now seeking a mandate that all motor fuel sold in Iowa contain a minimum of 10% ethanol or 11% bio-diesel. Unfortunately, half of Iowa's corn crop goes to make this. I grew up on an Iowa farm and have inherited a small amount of farmland here, but I HATE the stuff.

We have “recreational” fuel available in Michigan. The boater clubs lobbied to make sure it stayed available for many of the same reasons we don’t want ethanol in aviation

Be certain to test. Below a specific amount of ethanol it can be advertised and sold as “ethanol free”.

YIKES that is pricey! Are you from the future?

I use out almost exclusively, ad 5 gallons of 100LL about every 4th refill. We only have 91 no ethanol around here.

All the Casey’s stores around here have it. I test with a drop of food coloring. If I can’t get mo gas I use alcor with 100ll also Gardner and Emporia airports have it. As well as Eureka by Beaumont.

In the MI UP there is a lot of boating, many of them have tanks that cannot deal with ethanol so for several brands of gas their premium gas is ethanol free.

Lots of it. I have a 75 gal tank we haul back and forth

All she runs on when around home where I can get it

We have it here too. I am going to try it in the right tank at cruise altitude. My O360 has the Mogas STC but I don’t know whether it was legitimately used prior to the guy before me.

Used my wife’s Hy-Vee fuel saver points to get 91 no ethanol for $1.44/gallon. (20 gallons only)

Nope. 100ll all the time, every time. Last engine went 1756 hours before it needed overhaul and it never burned a drop of mogas. I don’t bother going out of my way. But I do double down on the TCP.

Great site on finding ethanol free fuel. I found 92 octane on my way to my hangar. www.pure-gas.org

Run nothing but if I can help it.

Is there any publication with airports that have mo gas??

I ran on it for a year until they took it off my airport. Loved the price, of course. Plugs at annual were clean

Why is 10% Ethanol bad for the Franklin? Is there anything written that prohibits/not recommend it?

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This is my 1934 Stinson SR-5-E

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So nice

Gorgeous airplane!

Wow, what a beauty!

Nice! The original cabin class GA aircraft.

Very Nice!


Just buy it out of California?



It’s going too be fantastic when I can fly it to Alaska in June

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Fantastic The wing struts came from my shed here in Sterling Alaska, were off of SRJR N13801, will be awesome to have air flowing over them again

Chris Evans reach out to Justin Tyler Click about maintaining your 108. He’s based out of VPZ.

That airplane is beautiful!

Omg, so gorgeous. Thank you for preserving this piece of history for all of us to enjoy!

Yeah another straight wing Stinson

Straight wing Stinsons..The Few The Proud The Beautiful. Semper Fly



Let’s keep em flying

Whatever happened to the aircraft stylings of the early 20th Century? DAMN, she's one sexy lady!

Anyone have good LEFT and RIGHT cuffs for a 108 that can be used to recreate new ones?

I would like to borrow them and then return.

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How long do you need them Will Ware? I'm down for annual anyway.

Will Ware, if at all possible, should you happen to find someone who is willing to do an educational video on how to duplicate these, the knowledge could be very helpful.

I would think a wooden form and -0 aluminum would need to be hammered and formed around it then heat treated. If that’s the case, once the form was made, it wouldn’t be too tough to make more. I’m considering replacing mine as well, but that univair price puts the brakes on. I was even thinking about fiberglass maybe.

I have a set.

Mine are beat up also.....if anyone comes up with a way to make them let us know

Great idea to make this happen....Univair price on this part is beyond unreasonable

Will Ware I think I have a an old set too. Currently one of mine is cracked.

If you go the fiberglass route. Just wax one (even if cracked) and apply 3 or 4 plies of fiberglass. Make sure to use peel ply. I promise it it comes out great! I made one off my dad’s fairing. Holds up even better than the metal one. You may need to apply micro and sand a little... but no one will know. Of course, it makes it non original...

I should have a couple of these good enough to make patterns with. Let me know if you are still looking.

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