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Hello, My name is Will, (Hi Will). I have a Stinson problem

Comment on Facebook Hello, My name is ...

Know someone with a Stinson problem? Call 1-800-OL PLANE for help and counseling

Looks more like having a flyable stinson problem

First step in recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

“Hi, Will”.

I don't see a problem. 🤷🏼‍♂️

No such thang as a problem. Only challenges.

Looks like more of a size of hangar problem!

Hi Will

Hi will, have a seat

Your problem can be solved by the purchase of a forth Stinson.

Amazing it just came apart ,better than in the sky

Looks great to me

Will, you’ve got a hanger problem! (Stinson Lover’s Tip: Ask the girls at Univair to mark the receipts “Hookers and Blow”! Keeps the wife from finding out how much you’re spending on airplane parts!💪🏼)

Where there’s a Will, there’s a William. 😳

12 easy steps to fix this, just 12 easy steps.

Heck! That’s nothing! 🤪

U sure do, U need to get one flying, Me2!

You have a square footage problem.....need more of it.

No such thing 😂😂

You definitely have an OCD, thing.

I like your choice of color. All the rags are red too.

Maybe just a disconnect.

Thanks for sharing Will . . . .

I don't think you have a problem, your significant other might have a problem though

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7 hours ago

Well it’s time to do my first annual inspection. Does anyone know where I can find the tool needed to check valve clearance? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

Ive flown or owned a V-77 (my fathers), 108-3 (mine), L-5 (CAF) and a 10A (Mid America Air Group). By far, my favorite and easiest to land of the bunch was the 90HP Franklin powered 10A. She was underpowered and that 3rd seat mounted sideways behind the pilot was just for looks (or a small child). The roundout to flair for a 3 point landing almost always ended up with the stick reaching full aft at exactly the same time as all three wheels touching at the same time. She was a sweetheart. They are rare beasts, but if you get a chance to fly one, youll love it!

Comment on Facebook I've flown or owned ...

I miss mine and loved it.

I look forward to the opportunity to fly some Stinson's besides the 108s. I've been lucky enough to fly many 108s, but I've yet to fly the others. I think a 10A would be hoot, but not at this altitude.

Flew one on a 135 cert years ago. That was such a fun little airplane. Had an O-320.

By chance do you remember which V77 you owned? I keep track of where all 500 have been through the years. Thanks.

The 10-A is a sweet airplane. Love mine

My brother and I just bought another 10A. We love them!!!!!

Ferried one last year after it had sat for about a decade. Really a sweet airplane. Would love one. I think with an O-320 (and the dual fuel tanks) you’d have one heck of a bushplane. Would be a great design to make a homebuilt copy of.

I don't have much from WW2. Many of the AT-19's do not have a lot of information from the war years. What I do have is that it is serial (construction) number 77-140, AAF s/n 426779 and had the Royal Navy number of FK953. It rolled out of Detroit on 13 Sep 1943 and was flown to Newark, where it was crated and shipped to the UK. There isn't much information until it arrived at RNAS Ford, named HMS Peregrine in Aug 1945. The Royal Navy gave ship names to all their land based airfields. The airfield was located in Sussex. From what I have, three other AT-19's were also at Ford, all arriving around Aug 1945. It was returned to the US as BuAer 11355. RNAS Ford was best known for a JU-87 Stuka attack in Aug 1940 where 28 where killed and most of the buildings and runways suffered major damage.

Had the pleasure to grow up with N39485 in the garage, help restore as a teen and own and fly in my twenties. Outfitted with O-235

I’m almost ready to fly my 10A but it has a 160HP in it instead of the 90HP should be fun!

22 hours ago

For those of you that wax/polish your Stinson, what product do you use? I have seen many different products that all claim to be great but I am curious to see what people actually use. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 20082572978_10157692073447979

Fabric? What kinda paint?? I used some 3m stuff, was amazing

I used an automotive ceramic wax most recently. Spray on, wipe off.

Turtle wax

A carnauba based wax like Mequiar's

I’ve had good luck with F11.


I have a carnuba based wax at the moment so I can use that short term at least. Anyone used or heard of Garry Royal Satin? If so, what was your opinion.

Fine cut cleaner followed by wax. All by hand.

Aero wax sold at Sportys

Carnuba wax is your paint’s best friend!

Lycoming 0435 A or C. As removed from Stinson 108-3 , rebuilt Mags, engine mount,  log books, all accessories 720 hours . open to offersImage attachment

Comment on Facebook 20082572978_10157689817017979

What are you thinking for price?

The engine is a six-cylinder version of the four-cylinder Lycoming O-290. Like the O-290 the O-435 is no longer supported by Lycoming. Airworthy or repairable cylinders are hard to find.

Have a motor mount for a 108 too?

Where is it located

I have 4 of them. If no one makes an offer, I would love to keep it with its relatives.

8 hours ago

‘47 165 in the Frank church @ Indian Creek and Sulfer Creek! ... See MoreSee Less

‘47 165 in the Frank church @ Indian Creek and Sulfer Creek!Image attachment
Smooth as glass this evening
Anyone have a clue to what this button does? I like to think it’s for Wartime Emergency Power but my guess is that it’s a remote reset to a circuit breaker.

Comment on Facebook Anyone have a clue ...

The warp drive button?

Push it and find out

STC SA007, ejection seat actuation trigger switch

That’s a GA button. When pressed on a precision approach, the V-bars pitch up on your EFIS and you throttle advance automatically.

Oh yeah, I know that button. What's it worth to you to know??

Test for Stall horn

Follow the wires on the back side.

Cubs have a PTT there, I’ve seen a couple Stinson’s that copies that

Hee hee. OK, here's the scoop. On those airplanes that had the SafeFlite stall warning system installed (not uncommon on dash 3 airplanes), the button will silence the stall horn. This is presumably to silence the horn for occasions when the pilot is performing utility maneuvers such as lazy eights. I pushed mine once, and it stuck in. After I got it to release and come back out, I left it alone!


It's a horn, so when you fly by your friends you can honk. 😁

Randy, you'll have to start a new post when you find out what it actually is!

I think it’s the mute button for the stall horn? My former 108-3 had the hole there for it but no button

It does have a working stall horn.

Now this is a head scratcher too. AGC1/4 is on the end but it looks like a small piece of phenolic in there.

Hyper space drive

Class B mute button. -

oh man, I have always wondered also, as well as all of my A&Ps. I don't have a stall horn installed but maybe a remnant base upon Dennis's comment above! I may have pretended many times what it was for for different scenarios 😆

Chem Trail switch

I believe it was used to mute the stall warning.

Primer for the Flux Capacitor? Mine is on the other side.

-3s used to have three fabric covered metal circles on each side which had flares for night landings. Don't know when they came off, have not seen them in years. Maybe that is the firing switch!

Obviously it's a Nitrous Actuator, for when you're at Reno.

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Anyone have a Test Bar for a C9 cable Tensiometer?Image attachment

Comment on Facebook 20082572978_10157693322807979

Probly not, you might have to send the tensionmeter out for cal.

9 months ago

... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 20082572978_10156869964197979

full metal jacket?

Matt Hutchins

John B Bissell Which STC for the metal?

Jason Gruener I messaged you

1994 and 2020Image attachment

1 day ago

Well, my oil cooler started leaking. What’s everyone recommend for a new one or a rebuild? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 20082572978_10157691134967979

I install Niagara's with a field approval

Isn’t there a aluminum PMA cooler available?

Pacific Oil Cooler

I’m hot on the hunt for my 108, and haven’t even found one not-for-sale in the San Diego area. Found this gem right in my backyard (KSEE). It’s a shame to see her like this.

Comment on Facebook I’m hot on the ...

Save it.

Be cautious particularly with the -3. Quenching issues with the spar extrusion material cause severe inter-granular corrosion. Don’t over pay for Stinson projects, good hunting.

I do not plan to buy. Just found it ironic that I’ve literally had one right here this whole time. Bet there are 100 more like this scattered about the country. I looked it up, she’s been in that very spot at least since 2016.

Banner tow plane?

Is the baggage door open or missing? Metalized?

Everything is for sale! (except airplanes with flat tires) Why is that?

can you put up a pic of the mooney on the left!

Are you looking for one?

Almost everyone has a price

I was ferrying my new 108-2 back from WY today and came across this -3 in Baker City, OR.

Rescue it

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