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Cowling help needed

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I purchased a 1940 Stinson 10 this spring & am in the middle of a complete restoration. Engine (LYCOMING O235) overhaul complete and time to begin the airframe. My first big challenge is cowling. Can anyone identify what this cowling is? The 337's from the 50's are not detailed enough for me to determine. They do not look the same as other Stinson 10's out there.

05689083 A8AA 41CC 9639 4C2E4F6A1BA1 1 105 c
4AE35AD3 CD0D 4840 AB53 4ECE3652F378 1 105 c
B93D7318 22B0 4F25 8348 AA2149303E4D 1 105 c
2A04EBCC 2C43 4693 A2C3 46E666D2FAE5 1 105 c

This cowling is beyond repair for me to be happy with, so I want to purchase new. I also need a new boot cowl; assume this will need to be fabricated?

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