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108-1 and 108-2 projects

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THIS IS NOT MINE.....Im posting for another party.
I received and email from Plumberpac@comcast.net, please contact him DIRECTLY for more info.
We have a 108-1 and a 108-2 fuselage and many parts less engine and props.
Our foundation received these 108-1 and 108-2 fuselages and misc parts. We would like to sell it all in a lump sum. We don’t have the expertise , knowledge, or the time to go through all of it.
The club is very small and no one in the club has the time to piece mail these parts, so we want to sell in one lot and NOT part it out.
We are located In White Bear Lake MN, 15 miles north of St Paul. We are asking $4000 OBO.

Posted : 14/10/2019 4:09 am