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Generator Wanted

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Looking for a operational 25 amp. or greater generator for my 6A4-150-B31 Franklin.

My -0 only came with a 15 amp. and I can’t run my radios, lights and charge my iPad.

So... if you need to unload that paperweight you keep moving from one side of the hanger to the other....

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Posted : 21/05/2019 8:39 pm
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Brent Henneman and I have a few generators, but I’m not sure what amperage they are. We can check.

Posted : 22/05/2019 6:04 pm
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Posted : 23/05/2019 1:28 am
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@j3cubcapt If you still have a generator available, I am interested.

Posted : 09/03/2022 9:02 pm
Will Ware (Webmaster ISC)
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Yes, I think I have like 3 or 4 of them. Im just east of Dallas Texas

Posted : 20/04/2022 4:02 am
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From A-767, Rev 28: Item 301 Generator (Delco Remy No. 1101877), which tells me that whatever amperage this generator is, its the only one you can install without a 337. This applies to all dash number 108s.

Posted : 26/04/2022 11:07 am
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1101877 is the 25 amp generator. 

Posted : 26/04/2022 1:41 pm
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The Franklin 6

6A4-150- B3 150 hp That was originally used in a Bellanca had only a 15 amp generator and regulator by Prestolite. They also had an engine mounted fuel pump and all Franklins have the provisions for a fuel pump.  I once used a Bellanca 15 A generator  on my Stinson while I was waiting on parts for the 25 amp generator. 

I need to look.  I know I still have the 15Amp Bellanca generator and regulator, but I may have a 25 amp from a Stinson somewhere.  I can't get around to find my parts too well these days, but if you still need a 25 amp let me know and I may eventually find the one I think I have.



Posted : 02/05/2022 9:03 pm