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V77 project

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Will Ware (Webmaster ISC)
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I know nothing about this, I just ran across it on the inner web!


Posted : 30/09/2019 2:07 am
Randy Phillips
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It's a rather "bare bones" incomplete project.  From the ebay ad I saw it is missing the engine (they are available), cowling (not so easy to find), and engine controls.  The airplane had sat outside in GA for many years before ending up in Wisconsin so I imagine there is considerable corrosion, although I've never seen that particular airplane.  Historically,  it was one of the last built at number 454, in Sep 1944.  It flew to Newark and was crated for shipping, eventually arriving at RNAS Bankstown (Australia). 

There is a CAA "Annual Inspection of an Aircraft" form dated 25 Mar 1947 that says it only has 17:35hrs total time.  If that's correct, it probably never was reassembled in Australia, arriving so late in the war.

It will be a rather large project, but not impossible.

Randy Phillps (the other one)

Posted : 30/09/2019 11:16 am