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Help finding a Stinson

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OK Stinson community, I was approached by a Son looking for his Dads Stinson 108 which I think was a -3, T


Here is the request I was given.

“My Father- Arthur C. Netteler (Sr). Bought and restored a Stinson Big Tail back in 1956-1958 (I was 4-6yo) at the Weiss Airport in South St. Louis County (Fenton area), Missouri. I would like to know what happened to that Aircraft. I know this will be a tough nut to crack, but growing up in a Flying Family I KNOW that nothing is forgotten or out of the Question, when Airplanes are involved. GOD Bless you all, Thank you.


More information 

The son is now in his sixties, and can’t remember the N-number of the Stinson bc back in the day he was only 6 years old. 

His father was Arthur Charles Netteler (Sr)  He was born August 21, 1917. Lived his life around St. Louis Area. He kept the airplane at the Wiess airport Just s.w. of St. Louis in Fenton, MO. Next to old US66 (I-44). Was a Private/City airport, MANY Private Aircraft called it home. Had 3 Service/Repair Businesses on site.. Closed in the mid 1990's.

“All I remembers is that it was Repaired/Rebuilt at the Weiss Airport.  And that Dad always referred to it as a "Stinson Big Tail Station Wagon".  I am now 68yo and would really like to know what ever happened to Dad's Airplane.  There was another guy name "Harold Chorney"  not sure of the spelling. Mr. Chorney had several Planes and I think Dad got it from him.  I stopped flying in 2009 (heart issue), got my Ticket in July 1968.  But never forgot that Airplane.”


If you know anything about this aircraft, can you reach out to Arthur at this email address and post back to us what you find? Thanks

Jason Tepool
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Nothing ringing a bell for me.  Hope he can find some info!  A long ago owner of my current Stinson called me a few years ago inquiring about it.  Another reason I need to get it back in the air, so I can fly it to where he is and take him for a ride.

Jason "Tadpole" Tepool
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