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I AM AT OSHKOSH 7-24-2021 THRU 8-1-2021

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Hi, I am at Ohkosh in case anyone wants to talk Stinson, Franklin or old Mooneys, (C and E)

I am camped between the ultralight runway and W Ripple Ave just east of Knapp Road in the privatE campground shown on the map as green area. Coachmen Class C motorhome with Texas plates. I cant get around very well but hope to get to the Stinson Table some near the vintage Red Barn.

You can text me on my cell at 812 243 0942.  I cannot hear voice communications by phone so please dont try to talk to me by phone but text is great and I will get right back to you if I can keep the phone battery charged.


Larry Wheelock

Larry Wheelock, A&P/IAStinson 108 N584LW 180 LycTexas in Winter; Indiana in Summer