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Membership Dues

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Charles L Gruby Gruby
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I've exhausted every avenue and can't find where to pay my dues on this web site. I'm sure it's this oatmeal brain again.

Chuck Gruby
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Petal, MS

Matthew Tufts
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I was able to renew online by going to the “Membership” tab on the drop down menu at top left. 

Matthew Tufts
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On mobile its top left, on Desktop, it's under your name at top right. Click the small downward arrow, and then select "Membership" 

Will Ware (Webmaster ISC)
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Yes, if you are logged in you can select your profile pic, MEMBERSHIP > SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Karl A. Vogelheim
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I have been searching around the website myself to see how to join.  As of this morning, 1 Nov 2021, at the top of the web site is a pull down menu labeled "Club Details".  If you select that, you will see an option that says join.  Click on that and it will take you to the area where you can then join the club and website.  While this posting is a little old, I thought it might help any future prospective members.

Karl A Vogelheim
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