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Securing aircraft during severe weather - There are better tie downs!

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In preparation to participate in "fly-in" events where you will be tying down your airplane, take a careful review of the tie-downs you use.  You may want to upgrade.

I recently learned that the "Claw Tie-down" which I currently use may not be capable of securely holding an aircraft during severe weather like we experienced last year at Oshkosh.  (Last year during OSH, we experienced very high winds during a severe thunderstorm.  If you, like me rode it out in a tent, you will definitely remember it!)

Please watch the videos listed below for competitive testing of several tie-down systems.  Post comments below which tie down system you think is the best.

Aviation Consumer Tiedown Shootout

AvWeb aircraft tie down comparisons

Claws Tie down fails at 170 pounds

Big Screw Tie Downs

Also, be aware!  If you use the Claw tie-down it is NOT intended to be pulled at an angle.  It is intended to be situation so that the tension is vertical.  

PS - don't be the guy that uses a subpar tie down causing your airplane to come loose and destroy other airplanes!

Do your homework and get ready for aviation events so that your aircraft can be safely tied down.


Bret C