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Vx Vy Vg for a 108-3

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What’s the consensus on these speeds FOR A 108-3?  Seems Vy is around 82 mph base on the flight manual?  Thx

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Ya I have seen the 82mph for Vy. I personally seem to get a better climb rate at 90, but that is most likely just an indication error. On a super smooth day try out different speeds between 80-90 and see where you get the best sustained rate. 

As for Vx, no clue. As for Vg, check this out

It says that for most planes, Vg is about half-way between Vx and Vy. We only know half that equation (or at least I only know half), but if your best rate of climb winds up being the published 82, then i'd guestimate a few mph slower would be best glide, say 75-77.

But, a lot of Stinson guys and gals I've talked to say to keep it simple and just remember one number - 80mph. That's for Vy, Vg, and approach speed. 


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