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Hello; I have a few questions; Has the club dues amount changed? I thought $30 was the yearly dues, I click on tech knowledge, a
list of dues arrive, it looks like to access tech, which has been free for years and was added free by club members, I need to pay $40 a year. Has this been true all along or has there been a dues increase that I missed?

Do most club members communicate via facebook?

Communication on the new website has slowed to a dribble. I personally liked the old site better, easier to navigate,
I know I am in the minority when it comes to computers.

I have no idea if anyone will read this
or if this is the correct forum, at this time I am not sure I will renew my membership.

Posted : 09/08/2019 7:13 pm
Will Ware (Webmaster)
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JCessna, yes the $30 club membership continues, however we have incorporated a LIVE Tech Knowledge base which is the replacement for the old $25 CD Rom that used to be mailed out, that is the reason for the premium membership which is $40 per year.

There are conversations, here, Facebook and Yahoo groups. We need to consolidate to one place, but as you can imagine people have their own feelings about facebook and Yahoo.

The Old forum site has slowed as well, but when that page is closed, this one will increase. 

We moved to this new platform for many reasons, mainly we moved to "WordPress" which is an easy website software that anyone in the future can easily manage. Other reason included being able to integrate all facets of our site into one place. 

We are still in the process of moving content from the old site to this new one as my volunteer time offers. 

Posted : 09/08/2019 9:30 pm