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108 amateur build project. What Have I done?

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Busy over the holidays. Got everything but the skins ready for assembly. Nice thin coat of primer over alodine conversion coating. About 3/4 of the rivets I got with the squeezer and the rest with the Cleco F2 or the E3 goose neck.

IMG 6679

Rivets dipped in primer before driving.

IMG 6685
IMG 6680

End rib with slot skin rib.

IMG 6696
IMG 6704

Drag wire placement.

IMG 6728

Tip mocked up for fit.

IMG 6717


Marcus Sabathil: Owner of Skookumchuck Voyageur 108

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Update. I have been busy adding a temporary loft to my garage for the fuselage assembly. I also built two wing and one fuselage rotisserie. Right now I'm epoxy priming and top coating all of the small bits. I have several shipments stuck on the US side of the border because of the shutdown. I have them sent to our cabin in WA to save on shipping. In the meantime, I have a lot of other things to do.

IMG 0417


IMG 0519


IMG 0499

Finally assembling some things:

IMG 0595

PTT switch built in to the yoke. Wires will be glued into the slots, then run through the shaft. There will be a connector behind the logo cover plate.

IMG 0584
IMG 0593

Extra flap position. What a fast, simple mod. If only the other mods could be this easy.

IMG 0578

BTW, I'm looking for a pair of "slats" for the wings, if anyone has a spare set they wouldn't mind parting with. Earl does not have any. I would even take damaged ones, especially if the damage is at the extreme ends. My droop wing extension allows me to add more slat outboard of the original. They are about 2/3 as long as stock.


Cheers all,

Marcus Sabathil.

Marcus Sabathil: Owner of Skookumchuck Voyageur 108

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