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1949 Stinson 108-3 Pre-buy

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Hello everyone, I am new member and I log in as "saero". I am looking at buying a Stinson project and I would like some help determining what the aircraft might be worth. I have spoke with Bud and Pat initially, but had not yet looked it over with more scrutiny, until last weekend. I have a discrepancy list that I am going to try and post here and I have photos that I might be able to attach or send via email for anyone who might want a look. Thanks in advance---- Jason Smithers

A/C Make and Model: Stinson 108-3 Station Wagon
A/C N no.:
A/C S/N :
A/C TT: 873.3

Engine Make and Model: Franklin 6A4-165-B3 (light or heavy case?)
Engine S/N: 32997
Engine Tach: 873.3
SMOH: 135.2

Prop Make and Model: ?
Prop S/N: ?

A/C History:

This Stinson was last flown/operated in 2003 when Hurricane Charley came through and damaged the hangar and aircraft. The cowling and spinner were damaged and the R.H. intake tube was dented. No other damage, due to the hurricane, was found. The hangar was repaired and the aircraft has sat dormant since then. The owner has turned the propeller through by hand to lubricate the engine. The aircraft has all metal wings and fuselage. The aircraft was covered with Ceconite in the 1970’s. The aircraft was not known to have had any accident or incident. No work was done with the A/C or engine other than turning the prop by hand. I did a cursory inspection and took pictures of areas.

Discrepancy List:

Engine Area:
- Cowling damaged
- R.H. Intake Tube damaged
- light to moderate corrosion on the engine accessories and case
- normal corrosion on exhaust system
- unable to pass a compression check with audible exhaust leaks
- light corrosion on engine mount
-battery is inop. and battery box is corroded
- magneto cases covered in surface corrosion

- light wear to Ceconite
- drum brake housings were moderately to heavily corroded
- tire surface cracking (tires inflated ok)
-interior has mold and slight deterioration, torn interior fabric
- instruments and wiring appeared old as expected
- wing interior had light “spot” corrosion on ribs and spars
- tail surfaces covered in corrosion
- elevator trim tab control rod completely corroded
- corrosion on tail wheel leaf springs
- hardware corroded
- fuselage tubing lightly corroded
- small skin repair on lower rudder
- wing tanks had light interior corrosion
- interior overhead zipper (to access cables) broken
- fabric tape pealing on top of wing
-paint on metal surface pealing

Propeller Area:
- spinner damaged

Jason Smithers /S-AERO (member name “saero”)

Posted : 21/02/2016 12:52 am
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Moved this from Video/Photo links to here.

If you do post photos, please feel free to put them into Video and Photo forum.

You mentioned it was covered in Ceconite in the 70s, but now is all metal? I'll let people who have done rebuilds chime in here, I have never done one. I would recommend a boroscope of the cylinders though. You're looking at 12 years of non-use in a humid environment.


Posted : 21/02/2016 5:05 pm
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I am assuming that the plane is in California?

I am confused: is it metal covered or is it fabric covered. All Stinson 108 series are all metal structurally, but all originally had fuselage and wings fabric covered with the exception of the tail group and flaps which were originally metal. Only the 108-3 originally had metal covered ailerons, but the fabric covered ones are legal substitutes.
The 108-3 used a different aluminum alloy in the wing spars than the earlier 108 series that is more prone to corrosion and you mention visible corrosion, so the wing spars demand careful inspection. If the wings are actually metal covered, then it may be difficult to do a proper inspection on the spars as most of the metalizing STCs did not allow sufficient inspection ports.

From your description, it will be expensive getting it back in good condition.

Posted : 21/02/2016 8:02 pm
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Hurricane Charley went up through Florida and then skated by the Carolinas. He must be in the southeast somewhere.


Posted : 22/02/2016 12:49 pm
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Good Questions- The aircraft is all metal tubing and wing structure covered in fabric. Control surfaces are all metal. It is located in Wachula, Fl and I just talked with Herk about the different type of metal spar that It has, so I am going to take a closer look at that. The corrosion that I saw was light, but I need to take better look. I also wanted to boroscope the engine, but wasn't able to at the time. I still have a few things to look at and I will keep you updated. Thank you for the replies. --- Jason "saero"

Posted : 23/02/2016 3:38 am