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Aircraft Insurance

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Roger Barbour Barbour
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Who can I get in touch with to get the best rate on insurance for my Stinson? R. Barbour Pgh Pa

Posted : 24/04/2018 3:35 pm
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Not sure about the best rates, but I use Falcon Insurance in Texas for my Stinson and my Trinidad. I think the Stinson comes in at around 700 per year. That's for a pilot with 650 hours, 350 taildragger, 250 in type.


1946 Stinson 108-1, Franklin 165, at one time NX8306K

Posted : 24/04/2018 4:56 pm
Thomas Sparr Sparr
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I also use Falcon in Kerrville, TX. In my early 80s, over 17,000 total, over 600 tail wheel, 500 in type, Dash 3. $30,000 hull, ground only. About $950. Might also try AVEMCO. Thom & NC577C, near St. Louis, MO

Posted : 24/04/2018 10:05 pm
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I use Avemco or their predesser, National Aviation Underwriters, and have for the entire time I have owned my Stinson which is 50+ years with > 3500 in type and almost 5,000 and also for the Mooney.
The Stinson insurance costs more than the Mooney. Go figure. I do not have passenger liability but $20,000 ground damage, always hangared, $630
The ground coverage is $351 while the liability is $279 (passengers excluded) No accidents. 50 year FAA Master Pilot Award

The '65 Mooney M20C in storage while in TX, ground only $35,000 $266. More coverage, less costs for the Mooney
Last year, Liabiliy on the Mooney excluding passengers was $251. Hull inflight @35,000 was $962. The only reason I carry in flight hull on the Mooney is because Mooney's have a one piece wing and if I would ever have to make an off airport landing even with no damage, if I could not fly it out, I would have to have help in retrieving it since the wing comes off in one piece.

Larry Wheelock, A&P/IAStinson 108 N584LW 180 LycTexas in Winter; Indiana in Summer

Posted : 30/04/2018 5:26 am
Roger Barbour Barbour
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Thanks guys for all the information on insurance. i did find a company called Air Capital Insurance ( ACI) located in Witchita Kansas that seems pretty reasonable. Have you heard of it and is it a reputable company? R. Barbour

Posted : 08/05/2018 4:28 am