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After working on GA aircraft for 40 years I thought I'd try for an AF mechanics license. My IA has been my instructor all that time. I will meet with the FAA for them to check my time to see if I meet the minimum of 18 months. I've heard that the FAA can ask any question they want to determine my background. My question is , has anybody recently done this? what technical questions did they ask? How did you prepare for the interview?
thanks Mark N9001K 108-1

Posted : 18/03/2015 12:21 pm
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It has been many years since I went through this process. I was fortunate to find a FSDO person that was very co-operative and accepted my application and letter of recommendation from the IA that I had been working with. We chatted about some of the issues that the FAA had experienced with certain people in their jurisdiction and I think that helped him gain confidence in my experience. He also seemed to be more willing to accept an older person than a young person. (He was about to retire). I was in my early 50s at the time.
Of course, I still had to study for the exam (King Schools Video Course) and do the practical test with a designated mechanic examiner. A few years later I took the IA exam.

Larry Wheelock, Stinson 108, A&P/IA

Larry Wheelock, A&P/IAStinson 108 N584LW 180 LycTexas in Winter; Indiana in Summer

Posted : 26/03/2015 3:55 pm
Jason Tepool
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Wish I could help, but I went into differently using my military experience, FSDO signed me off no big deal to go test.

Jason "Tadpole" Tepool
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Posted : 26/03/2015 11:16 pm