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A&P with Stinson Experience in Syracuse, NY (Central New York) Region?  


Good Afternoon!


My name is Christian Seemann, I'm hoping this is visible in my avatar. I've been having difficulty loading a profile picture and brief bio haha :-).

I'm a new member, but have been lurking on the YouTube Tech Channel, forum and Yahoo group for the past 1-2 years learning about Stinson 108's and dreaming about flying one :-).

I'm located in Syracuse, NY, but unfortunately Franklin left long ago.

My plan is to purchase a Stinson 108-3 which I can use to finish earning my Private Pilot Certificate and keep for many years to come. Earning my pilot certificate has been a lifelong goal of mine that was unfortunately put off for many years due to a demanding work schedule. I have a current Medical Certificate and passed my Knowledge Exam, now I'm ready for the next step.

My company manufactures autonomous vehicles for commercial and government customers. I'm fortunate enough to have access to our 135 acre family farm as testing grounds for the drones and to construct a 1600' long grass runway & single plane hanger. The runaway and hanger a are currently under construction. My intentions were to finish everything then look for an Stinson. I also like to Google "Stinson 108-3 for sale" so frequently that actually joined and online therapy group where you pay $40/year to support the club and talk to other members with a similar obsession 🙂 haha.

One of these Googling session led me to find a 108-3 aircraft in Northern PA that seems very nice and I am hoping to check out next week. I can post a for sale link, further information, etc., but didn't want to violate forum policy or act in poor taste in my first post :-). Its listed in multiple spots online.

Burton S. of the Club was kind enough to answer all my questions in a phone call earlier today. He also walked me through all the items on the aircraft he picked out in the advertisement and pictures, but recommended I reach out to the forum looking for an A&P with Stinson experience in my area.

It looks like there are some Stinson owners in NY on the forum. Does anyone have recommendations for an A&P with Stinson experience?  Advice on looking for a Stinson? I'm very hands on and would prefer to be involved in as much of the maintenance as possible, but it seems like an A&P is required for the majority of items although the owner can do a surprising amount of maintenance too? I was able to pick up a beautiful Frankin Operators handbook from Doug Henderson &  The Aviator's Bookshelf on eBay as a reference.


The owner is sending me additional pictures and the last annual. His son is an A&P who purchased it to use as his own personal aircraft, but had the opportunity to buy a Stearman so he is selling the Stinson. The annual was this month, it has been hangered since the fabric was redone with Cekonite in 1987. The engine overhaul was done by Little Red Arrow in 1992. TTAF = 2745 SMOH = 450. It looks like his son purchased it from forum member "Big T" based on the N number. I'm looking forward to any advice ya'll can provide :-). If things go well, I'm hoping to bring this aircraft back and forth with me between FL and NY during the winter. My lower back & bladder aren't the best, but I should be able to make it 3+ hours between airports and continue on after stretching out for a bit.


Thank you in advance! Hopefully this wasn't too much information for a first post, but I wanted to introduce myself at the same time. Learning to fly has been a life long goal of mine and it is business related. I just wanted to let everyone know that I've given this a lot of thought and I'm hoping this is the right place to seek information pre-purchase, then as a future owner. So far it appears to be exactly that :-)! Hopefully I have the opportunity to meet some of you face to face when the Coronavirus is better under control.


Best regards,


PS If you our your loved ones need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we developed a 3D reusable respirator mask that accepts NIOSH & FDA approved 4.3" diameter 3M filter P100/P95/N95 filter discs and HEPA grade Furnace & A/C filter material from your local hardware store. We also created a instructional playlist designed to bring anyone from "zero" experience 3D printing to mask making "hero" in no time. Further information, links to the YouTube playlist and Free 3D print files are available on our website: removed link

My wife is a Biomedical Engineer and Registered Nurse in Syracuse, NY and we developed this with the help of local hospitals and healthcare workers when it looked like they might run out of PPE any day. My only agenda here is helping adequately protect as many people as possible because surgical and cloth masks only provide the wearer with a false sense of security. Stay Safe & God Speed!



Christian Seemann B.S., M.B.A.
Founder & CEO of Peregrinus Solutions LLC
Autonomous Robotic-Drone Development
Designed and Manufactured in the USA
"Sea, Land, Air our Drones will Safely take you there!"
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Posted : 14/05/2020 7:51 pm

I forgot to add that the  asking price of the aircraft is $32,500. (Edited due to autocorrect on my phone).

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Posted : 14/05/2020 10:37 pm
Will Ware (Webmaster)
Member Admin

Welcome Christian and thanks for being a member of the ISC. Remember we have some resources for new potential Stinson buyers here on this site.

We just finished a detailed checklist that ANY A&P can use to help inspect a Stinson for you. Obviously at Stinson Knowledgeable one would be best, but the checklist calls out specific things to look for.

Can you provide any more info about the aircraft you are looking at so we can help you review? 

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Posted : 15/05/2020 3:49 am

Hi Will,

Thank you for the warm welcome! Here is a link to it:


I actually found a member who is very close to me using the website. Dan in Camillus, NY has been awesome and put me in touch with his A&P who also owns a Stinson 108 and just finished redoing it. I'm hiring him to help me check it out and perform a pre-buy examination.


I'm interested to hear your opinions as well :-). Thanks again!


Best regards,


Posted : 21/05/2020 12:40 am