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Where should the fabric stop forward at top of cabin with respect to the wood formers that accomodate the ventilation tubes. It seems to me that if the fabric is glued to the wooden formers, when it is stretched, it might break or pull them outward. It seems logical that the fabric stop fore of the wood strips over the cabin (where the headliner laps back over the cabin), and from there direct to the metal frame in front of the door. Can someone tell me which is the correct way?

Posted : 08/08/2010 8:08 pm
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I highly suggest getting the prints from Univair for the fuselage and the wings. Chock full of little details. The wood pieces are covered. Remember that the fabric shrinks 10%, so when you are talking about a span of four inches, not a great deal of tension is generated. But since its not in the slipstream, only shrink it enough to tauten it if you are still worried.
For the front above the windshield, I wrapped the fabric around the metal piece and glued it to the underside. Looks better that way. I also put most of the screws that hold the wood piece in before I shrunk it just to be safe. The wood strip was already screwed in place.

Posted : 09/08/2010 1:29 am