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Elevator Removal

  • Stinson 108-1. Tried to remove the elevator tonight. (Needs painting). My problem is that the elevator trim cable does not fit through the hole in the elevator. Can’t see a way to remove the turn buckle end to fit through the hole. 
  • any help appreciated
Topic starter Posted : 15/12/2021 4:37 am
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Luke Peterson
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if I remember right, you can loosen the jam nut against the fork and unscrew it. Or the whole thing unscrew. It should pull through then. It's something like that anyway.

Posted : 17/12/2021 9:43 pm

Thank you. I had loosened the lock nut but took some work unfreezing the whole unit. I am good now. 

Topic starter Posted : 20/12/2021 1:17 pm