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One Piece Windshield

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Please put me down for a 1 piece windshield.  Very creative processes you developed.

Thanks, James 


Posted : 23/05/2021 4:35 pm
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I'm excited to introduce my one piece windshield service for Stinson owners. I have my technical process down now and I'm getting great results. I'm thrilled that I'm ready to post prices and start working with owners to produce these to specification.

My prices will be $750 for one off orders for a one piece windshield not including shipping. I'm happy to do group commissions and would be able to give a $125 discount per windshield for five or more ordered at the same time.

Due to the regs, I have to state that these are not FAA approved parts and are not approved as is for installation on certified aircraft. Owners will have to get FAA approval to install these with the paperwork gathered from previous approvals. There is a lot of documentation here at the Stinson site to assist in the approval process. Obviously, I can't make any claims as to the possibility of approval but there have been many successful installations.

I will work with owners to comply with the regulations regarding owner produced parts. If you want to direct me to produce one for you, please PM me here with your email.





Marcus Sabathil: Owner of Skookumchuck Voyageur 108

Posted : 07/08/2021 9:40 am
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Hi all,


It's been a crazy few months. Sorry about the lack of updates. I decided to reshape the form which took a while to get right as I was doing it a little at at time. Then the holidays and family happened and then there was a health emergency to deal with and now there's a water leak at our cabin I have to deal with. Life never stops.


I'm still planning on making windshields as soon as possible and they will be beautiful but please be patient.




Marcus Sabathil: Owner of Skookumchuck Voyageur 108

Posted : 08/02/2022 4:54 am
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Wade Modrow Modrow
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Id love one of those too, 750 sounds like a bargain.


Posted : 09/02/2022 9:41 am
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I will be up for one or two as well



Posted : 15/02/2022 12:01 am
Will Ware (Webmaster ISC)
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Thanks for the update Marcus, take care of your self and family. looking forward to seeing the difference in the new design and of course getting the product as well. 


Posted : 15/02/2022 4:32 am
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