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HF Radio antenna installation (Ham radio)

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Group - As many of you know, besides flying and being the caretaker of our Stinson 108-2, my other passion is HAM radio (amateur radio).  

During the Stinson group dinner at OSH 2022, I sat across from Darrel Jones WD6BOR from Sonoma, CA.  During dinner we learned of our common interest in HAM radio and Stinson's.  Darrel explained to me that he had operated HF radio from his 108-3 and had made many long distance contacts during cross country flights however he had sold his airplane but he still had the HF radio antenna.  He told me that he would send the complete original documentation for installing an HF radio antenna so I can share it with this group.  To my surprise, Darrel not only sent me the documentation, but he also sent me the HF antenna that he had used in his Stinson!  

Over the next few months, I will be installing the antenna and an HF HAM radio in our Stinson per the documentation.  Through this process I plan to share all of the documentation as well as the details of the installation.  Those of you who have a desire to install an HF radio in your Stinson will also be able to do the same.

73 / Happy Flying

Bret C / AC0AE

Posted : 23/08/2022 12:27 pm
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Randall Clark
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Bret--as a fellow ham and Stinson owner that is pretty cool.  I might consider putting my FT-818 in my -1.  I look forward to the updates!





Posted : 23/08/2022 12:55 pm
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Gents, I had the thought of doing the same thing once I get my plane.  It is nice to see this has already been done with sucess.  I am was curious on how the antenna would be attached but had not gotten to research that yet.

Dan - N9JHZ

Posted : 23/08/2022 1:46 pm
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Carsten H.
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Some of our DeHavilland Otters (DHC-3) in Vietnam were equipped with the HF radios. I would climb to 10,000' and could talk to stations on the west coast. The antennas were zigzagged along the fuselage. Quite a sight.

Posted : 23/08/2022 3:45 pm
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