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Lycoming O 435-1 engine

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Good morning
My name is Volpi Claudio.For over 50 years is a specialized in model aircraft flying reproduction of planes.
Currently I'm interesting in the reconstruction of the aircraft design Stinson L5 "sentinel"
I rebuilt the complete CAD drawings of the Stinson L5 "Sentinel" using the original blueprints of the Stinson-Vultee. My designs, approximately 90 boards, in addition to being a historical document (very rare in Italy) are also suitable for the restoration of real aircraft, or for the construction of maxi flying models RC.The documentation is also accompanied by about 240 Walk around and walk inside photos made during the restoration of an original aircraft in Italy.A copy of my drawings got the approval of Mr.James Gray president of SOPA (Sentinel ownners & Pilots Association) Arizona, who has provided the blueprints.
Because unfortunately I have no drawings, in the three views of the Lycoming O-435-1 engine, I can not finish my job.So I ask you, if ,in your archives you can find the layout of this engine, possibly in 5 external projections.
Thanks in advance.

Posted : 20/07/2016 8:10 pm