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Mixture linkage at Carb

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Douglas Evenson
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I want to replace my linkage at the carb that attaches the end of the mixture cable to the mixture arm.

I've had my Stinson going on 22 years and the linkage just has a bolt/washer set up. That doesn't allow it to rotate on the mixture lever.

I've searched, but have come up empty so far.

Looking for suggestions.



Posted : 11/08/2022 1:56 pm
Douglas Evenson
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Figured, I'd find what I'm looking for right after posting.

I'm still open to other options.

Posted : 11/08/2022 2:21 pm
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The correct bolt and washer, set up correctly allows bolt to turn while actuating the control. If the hole in the bolt is drilled correctly and you don’t over tighten, it turns. This system is used successfully on tens of thousands of planes. Like many things on planes if not installed correctly will cause issues. 

Posted : 13/08/2022 11:28 am
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@dwevenson Doug, I used an AN-3 bolt, washers. and steel lock nuts.  See pic.  The bottom nut is NOT tightened down on mixture lever; the bolt must be free to rotate.  A local shop in my area did an install of a freshly overhauled Lycoming in a Cessna Cardinal and tightened down on the cable attachment bolt; a few months later the cable broke.  I looked at the fixture you found and almost bought that.  Please show us a pic if you use that attachment.


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