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Prop and spinner for 220 HP crank  


My crank is cracked if I use a 220 HP crank what prop do I use and spinner


Posted : 30/08/2019 11:00 pm
Karl Vogelheim
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   I also have the 220hp crankshaft in my engine.  The biggest difference is that you go down to six bolts to hold the prop to the flange.  That limits your choice of props but they are spelled out in the Type Certificate Data Sheet.

    From memory, you can use any wood prop that can fit an matches your engine performance characteristics.  There is a version of the McCauley Met-L-Prop used on the original crankshaft that is set up for the 220 crank.  Sensenich also has a prop for this crank (74DR I think) which is the one that I have.

   As for the spinner, I don't know if anything is specified by the TCDS.  However, when I get a chance to look at my logbooks, I will tell  you what is on my airplane.

Karl A VogelheimS108-3 N596C

Posted : 08/11/2019 11:52 pm