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Adding fuel flow transducer

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Hello, I'm about to be a new Stinson owner (and new airplane owner in general) and had some questions about installing a fuel flow transducer. The plane I'm buying has an EI UBG-16 engine monitor installed, bit doesn't have the fuel flow sensor. Do different instruments require specific transducers or are they mostly interchangeable? Do they require an STC? Do they need to be a certain connection diameter to be compatible with the 1/2 fuel lines on the Franklin 165? Thank you.

Posted : 23/09/2022 2:51 am
Will Ware (Webmaster ISC)
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Congrats on joining the Stinson Family. Im rebuilding a 46 108-1 so I do not have "Flying" intel for you but I do plan to use EI engine instruments. 

Does the EI UBG-16 have a fuel flow capability? 

For the Fuel Flow there are three transducers that EI sells. Red/Gold/Black. Its a little confusing but I guess the gold is the proper one for gravity fed engines.

Just call them and let the experts give you info, but then be sure to come back here are share what you learn. 

Posted : 23/09/2022 1:17 pm