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Availability of Ethanol free auto fuel in Texas  

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I am finding more and more ethanol free auto fuel available at some Murphy stations (usually at WalMarts)  We passed through Marshall, TX on the way down here to the RGV last month and at the gas/diesel pump there was a small, third pump with ethanol free gas.  Today, Nov 10, I found one at the Murphy station in Elsa, TX so check around, Stinson owners, you may find fuel in unexpected places.

Larry Wheelock, A&P/IAStinson 108 N584LW 180 LycTexas in Winter; Indiana in Summer

Posted : 11/11/2019 4:51 am
Dennis Crenshaw
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Not happening here in central VA, Larry.  I got my hopes up because there is a rural station not 5 miles from the airport where I keep my plane that was selling ethanol free gasoline.  The enviro wackos at the Virginia Department of  Environmental Quality made the the station pull the plug on that pump. 

Dennis Crenshaw.  N6102M.

Posted : 11/11/2019 8:32 pm

Ethanol free fuel had gone the way of the Dodo Bird here in New England. Then, about 8 or so years ago a trucker in Vermont got the idea that we should have it available and he maybe could profit from it. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude. He worked his way through all the needed permits and government officials and eventually got approved to import ethanol free from Canada. They still make it there during the summer months, in the winter it is forced to have Ethanol as part of the cold weather blend. He then went around finding customers (and as the word spread, customers came to him) and he started delivering the stuff. Yay! He is the supplier for quite a few gas stations in this region and also for quite a few airports that put in an ethanol free pump when the supply became available.

He always filled his tanker truck just before they stopped making it every fall but would run out before the winter was over, so all the vendors also ran out. I took to stockpiling the stuff in the fall. Then his business grew enough that he jumped through more hoops and started importing it by the railroad tank car full and storing it until he needs it. Now we have it available all year around. Yay! The local state governments made a few efforts to shut him down but he prevailed and now it looks like things are here to stay. Yay, again!

The big fuel companies also fought him. Several local gas stations were told to stop selling it or they would pull the plug on the station's association with that brand of fuel. One local station caved to the pressure and two more became independent unbranded stations in order to keep selling the stuff. Yay, again! The owners claim to be making a good business of the ethanol free, people come from miles around to fuel their antique vehicles, planes, landscaping equipment, etc etc. It works for everyone. Because of the extra shipping, handling and storage costs the fuel costs about a dollar more a gallon than ethanol fuel but man is it great to have it available!

Bob and Pat and the two Stinsons

Posted : 18/11/2019 4:20 pm