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SA1-48 EDO 2870 Float STC

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I am looking for a copy of the SA1-48 STC certificate for EDO 2870s.  I have original drawings and have tried contacting the STC holder, Rich Blakely, with no success.  Interested in any restrictions or flt manual supplements required.  Also, whether this STC has any engine restrictions in it.

I have also seen a thread on the web that indicates the original dwgs may have an error related to the angle between the wing and the floats.  Any background on that would be much appreciated.

Conrad Perry

108-3 Super Stinson

Kasilof, AK

Posted : 31/10/2019 4:00 pm

Hello Conrad, did you find a copy of this STC. (SA1-48)

I' research a copy of it. Maybe you can help me..

Posted : 07/11/2020 11:01 am