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rear seat cloth

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I need to replace the backing and webbing on the rear seats in my Stinson, I am having trouble locating certified flame resistant canvas and webbing for the seat backs and suspension. Can someone please recommend where to buy this please.

Posted : 15/11/2022 11:38 pm
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I bought new rear seats from Airtex Interiors. They "might" sell the webbing and canvas separately. 


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Posted : 17/11/2022 9:16 pm
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We have 2 each 1948 factory rear seat slings with good straps and clasps.  They have no upholstry & am unable to post lhoto here.


Posted : 24/11/2022 11:25 pm
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@bec18108 How much do you want for the slings? I just rebuilt mine but am not quite sure of the quality LOL

Posted : 21/12/2022 3:51 am