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Reliant/V-77 flight

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Karl A. Vogelheim
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Greetings All,

     I have been fascinated by the Stinson Reliant for a very long time. Something about the old world charm just calls to me. However, I don’t know if it really fits my mission any better than my 108-3. I have heard the Reliants are nicer to fly and are more comfortable. Unfortunately, the only way to see for myself is to get a ride in one or better yet, be allowed to fly one (under strict supervision of course).  I live in Michigan and there currently isn’t a Reliant in flying condition near me. Is there anyone who has a Reliant in the Midwest that would be willing to take me up and/or let me fly it? I am willing to meet you and I am also willing to pay for the fuel of my demo flight. Please contact me either here or by direct message. Thank you.



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Plenty of YT videos to get a good idea on performance. Be ready for a big hangar and fuel bills, 300 hp drinks plenty of 100LL.

If you are really serious, find one for sale and ask for flight test. Insurance can get weird with owners and prospective buyers. I wouldn't let any new buyer make any TO or landing without complete ownership transfer.  Too easy (mostly due to being inattentive) to ground loop and someone saying- sorry.