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SR-9C checkout?

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Hello, I am new here.  I don't own a Stinson (we own a 1952 Cessna 195 and have two North American T-6 projects).
I am being asked to fly a fully restored 1937 Stinson Reliant SR-9C from the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area to Port Orange,
Florida (7FL6, Spruce Creek Fly-in).  What are one's options with regard to getting checked out in this type of aircraft
so I can be added to the owner's insurance policy?

I started flying in 1976, have a Commercial Certificate + Instrument Rating, but not instrument current.

I have about 1700 hours of tailwheel time (2K total time), most of my tailwheel time was in our old '54 C-170B (owned that
for 10-ish years), then our '54 Cessna 180 (owned that for the next 10-ish years), and we have owned our 195 for
6 years now (I have ~300 hours of 195 time and I fly it regularly).

Thanks for any advice and/or recommendations,

Bela P. Havasreti
1952 Cessna 195 N3071B
7FL6 - Spruce Creek Fly-in, Port Orange, FL