Free Technical Database tool

I have been loading all of our technical data into this wonderful, graphical app called Bublup.

Bublup is a FREE tool that can be used on a computer, tablet or phone and all you have to is setup a free account.

Just click on this link below.

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This is what the Bublup app looks like.


  1. I am discouraged because it looks like another sign up; and have to create new user name and new password.
    I have too many now and trouble I have had in the past has limited my posts on the forum sites, but lately it is working better and I am posting more.

    1. Yes it is a completely separate system than the website so yes it would be another sign up, not sign in. Its an app so people can easily add their own data to the app. If its to hard, dont use it, use the knowledge base that is part of the site here. Its up to you.