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Alternative Pistons

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If you are unable to locate parts for your airplane the FAA makes allowance for you to manufacture or assist in the manufacture of the parts you need. Since you enjoy the pleasure of owning and flying a vintage airplane, sooner or later you will need to manufacture parts.

We have a company in Gardena, California that specializes in the manufacture of racing pistons, and they have agreed to manufacture pistons for our Franklin engines.

This is noteworthy in light of our litigious society. Most shops will not touch anything to do with airplanes, and as regular readers know, this is why I always tell the “Shop” that the part is off an old Franklin tractor. So, we now have access to brand new pistons for our 150/165 engines. Dick Bourque ordered the first set and I received a sample at the same time, this sample will be at all the fly-in’s for your appraisal.

How much, for 6 pistons, ring sets, wrist pins and buttons, as of writing the price is $813.00. The order form is on the CD . You will note that most of the form has been completed and all you really need to do is fill in your name and address. Arias pistons asks for 50% with the order and the balance before shipping, so far the shipping date is what they said it would be, i.e., about 30 days from receipt of the money order/check.

What do you get? A very sexy set of pistons the finish is excellent, and gets this, the weight of each piston is the same to within one gram, so no problems getting them balanced or numbered for each cylinder. These pistons are machined from a forged block of aluminum and come with chrome rings that are available off the shelf from Arias.

 The manufacturer has asked that I co-ordinate the order process so that they do not have to chase down enquiry’s and refer back to me.

For the rocket scientists, here are the specs: Forged Aluminum bore 4.500, compression height 1.550, pin diameter .984 top groove .950, second groove .950, Oil groove .189, weight 716 grams, rings are 3/32, 3/32, 3/16 x 4.500, (Chrome), and the cylinder clearance is 0.0070. Arias pistons, 310.532.9737, talk to Tom Curnow.