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Well gang, they’ve done it to us again!  Not one but, two ADs on the Bendix Magnetos: A D 94-01-03 effective March 3, 1994 and AD 94-06-09 effective March 9,1994.

The first A D along with Service Bulletin No. 637 from Teledyne Continental Motors (formerly Bendix) covers the replacement of rotating magnets and coils.  If your mags have a red or black data plate, having a serial number with or without a letter prefix A and 16057 or lower, or a blue plate with a number lower than 901001, you may have the defective rotating magnets and coils.

The Service Bulletin No. 637, which can be obtained from Continental Teledyne Continental Motors by calling 205-438-3411 x 392.  This Service Bulletin covers, in detail, how to identify both the defective magnets and coils.  Basically, if you have two flat sides on the rotating magnets or magnets that have brass inserts on each side, you have the bad ones.  If you have anything other than a red coil with part number 10-357164, then you have a bad coil.  These two parts alone for two mags will run between $480.00 to $590.00 depending where you get them.

A. D. 94-06-09, along with Service Bulletin No. 641 covers magneto capacitor P/N 10-249276 with date codes 93-40 or 93-42.  These capacitors must be replaced within 25 hours or immediately if you find that you have a “Hot”  (no RPM drop) Mag.

A D 94-01-03 must be complied with at the next 100 hour inspection or Annual inspection, which ever comes first after the effective date of March 3, 1994.

These A D’s, along with the other A D’s and S B’s, are already on the impulse couplings.  It may make it more cost effective to take advantage of the new STC’ed Slick Magneto kit that Slick just came out with to replace the Bendix and Eiseman Mags now used on our Franklins.  This kit is No. X6599 and comes complete with impulse couplings and a new wire harness.

Slick has a $300.00 core charge.  You can send any old mags for the core; also Slick will give you a $200.00 rebate.  All in all, you will end up putting out only about $700.00.