One Piece Windshield

As I understand there is not a vendor that is producing a one piece windshield today, however there is a member on the Facebook page that is willing to make some, problem would be getting all the materials documents as such.

Below are some 337s provided by Billy Carter from various one piece installs and some drawings.

This is and STC that was granted that mentions the Gary Murdock documents included in the link above.

Now will all this information and the opportunity for someone to make the windshield, now you need to get it approved. Well with the STC, and the approved data from Gary Murdock, you should have all you need. Below is an email from Mike Busch who is very familiar with FAA guidance and his provides his thoughts,

Please note:

On contacting this lady to purchase a windshield it one should state that
the desire is to have one made like mine or Murdoc’s and it should be of
thicker material 
Like my 337 stated.
It will have to be made as experimental (no certification for single piece)
and installed by 337 approval. 
It can be made clear, gray tent or as mine green. 

I am willing to help anyone on explaining the installation but it is all
spelled out in the matenince disc.  

I wanted to shire the contact address and phone number.

Billy Carter