Electrical Overview

Electrical Overview

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Here it is:

The wiring number chart is in Appleworks.  If thats a problem I can probably scan it into a jpg or something.  The diagram uses all the original wire numbers except where the alternator STC changes things.  I also have the single power supply Whelen wingtip strobes in there.  One thing I am doing because I don’t like knife splices is mounting a terminal board to the inboard end of each wing.  That enables me to use the terminal board as a junction box for all the nav light wires.  I did not show the step down resistor on the fuel gauge.  It turns the fuel quantity system into a 6 volt system, and since there is no provision in 43-13 for 6 volts, there aren’t any charts to refer to!

Sorry its a bit cramped.  I started to draw it in Illustrator, but realized I could just draft it on my kitchen counter faster.  

I have also decided to mark my wires with a heat shrink tubing printer.  I found a Dymo for around $100 with the cartridges running around $25.  I’ll let everyone know how well it works.