Fuel Lube

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You should remember these products are a grease that does not dissolve in fuel. Therefore you need to be very careful not to leave globs of it inside your fuel valve or the connections. Normal grease would dissolve in the fuel (which is why it does not do a good job of lubricating the valve since it dissolves away) but EZ Turn/Fuel Lube does not. Therefore any globs you leave behind will wash down in the fuel lines and end up in your carb where it could clog up a fine passage inside the carb. The gascolator will stop big globs but little ones might make it all the way to the carb.

Do not be scared away from using it, but when using a fuel lube be sure to not leave loose globs, only the thin film smeared onto the surfaces you want to lubricate.

It also works well for lubing up the rubber packings in the intake logs and tubes – I used to use DC 4 silicone grease on the packings and that worked well for easing installation but dissolved away with the fuel in the intake system. Someone here on the group suggested using EZ Turn/Fuel Lube to install the rubber packings so that the thick grease would not dissolve and would help assure an airtight fit for a long time since the persistent grease would fill any tiny little gaps or voids where the rubber meets the metal surface. I like that idea and have used it for many years now.